6th Annual Women of Success North County Biz Expo Jan. 2021 Location TBA.

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Years ago I wanted to see more news Spotlighting Women Making a Difference. I saw an open market and  created an all women's news station online, with Referrals/Resources, Extended Stories My favorite will be doing "Internet Radio Shows" to share Life's Challenge 2 Success stories. I want to OFFER the  OPPORTUNITY for women to SHARE their W.I.N. story.  I took a Leap of Faith and could not be happier! I am in the building stages to 

create Resources/Referrals as a way

 to Support, Resolve and Move on.



Join our 6th Annual 

        Women of Success North County Biz Expo            January  2021

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What is your W.I.N  for the day? 



Be a sponsor for the Internet Radio Shows produced by WS Radio in San Diego, Ca. Get a package tailored upon request. I am starting out doing 1 Show/1 hour/week.  Your business name will be advertised in a 1 minute Intro/Closeout, with  3 / 30 second ads at the 15/30/45 mark.

Show will be cataloged for 1 year. Package starts $180 - $280. For a 1 hour show with 4 guests that promote your business and 5 ads, packages start at $480 - $580. 

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No matter how small or big your Challenges 2 Success is, we can learn from others, to create a better opportunity for yourself & others.

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My Vision:


  • My All Women's News Station is creating a place to Share, Exchange Resources and Network Across our USA.
  • Small biz means, Ownership and endless Opportunities.
  • Connect with other women, show our strength in Unity.
  • Leave your story as a legacy from Challenge 2 Success (C2S). 
  • Let's Partner for Prosperity, Progress and Pathways. 
  • Start by becoming a sponsor. 

W.I.N. Consulting